Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center participates in Reentry Day and community outreach

Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center participates in Reentry Day and community outreach

The Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center, a non-residential reentry center run by GEO Reentry Services in Louisiana, recently hosted a Reentry Day to invite local probation and parole officers to learn more about its reentry program.

The event featured workshop-like stations created by Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center staff that taught visitors about the center’s groups, including Thinking for A Change, Social Skills, Substance Abuse, and Parenting. Participants were able to interact with visitors and display the knowledge they’ve gained during the program.

Staff at the Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center appreciated the support shown by the community during Reentry Day and the contributions of their participants to really show community stakeholders the goals of the non-residential reentry center.

Staff also held phase promotion ceremonies to recognize the individuals who are progressing through the program. Participants work extremely hard to complete the program and their efforts do not go unnoticed.

As with all GEO Reentry programming, it is also a priority to provide participants with the tools to gain stable employment. Toward this goal, staff at the center have built a relationship with the Louisiana Workforce Commission, and recently an LWC representative visited to help participants create accounts with the organization. By creating an account, participants are able to upload their resume and apply for jobs that the LWC system has matched to their skills and experience.

The Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center provides community treatment and training for probationers and parolees released to community supervision. Classes includes cognitive behavioral therapy, employment readiness and career development, Community Connections and Adult Basic Education.

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