Community partner Bridgeway helps BI DRC program

To cope with high recidivism and institutional overcrowding, many states and counties are looking for smart alternatives. Day reporting is one such alternative. With day reporting, parolees or probationers are directed to a Day Reporting Center for ongoing and intensive supervision and case management; treatment to address chronic criminal behavior and substance abuse problems; and vocational training and connections.

The DRC goals include reducing the risk of the offender, enhancing their ability to cope in the community, and avoiding future crime – outcomes that save money and enhance public safety. BI Incorporated operates more than three dozen effective DRCs nationwide. A key piece of the DRC success is collaboration with community resources, such as Bridgeway, Inc. in Elizabeth, NJ.

Bridgeway and BI collaborate to assist individuals transitioning from prison to life in the community. As a short-term resource for the New Jersey Parole Department, BI’s DRC in Elizabeth provides intensive supervision, treatment and training for ex-offenders. Based on assessed risks and needs, BI staff will refer to partners such as Bridgeway, which provides housing, employment and treatment for individuals with mental illness. Bridgeway has several branches including a jail/prison reentry arm that BI connected with in 2006 as part of BI’s Community Connections program.

“BI and Bridgeway have a mutual goal: we work together toward the best interest of the client and the community,” said Bridgeway’s Winston Clayton.