GEO Reentry centers in Pennsylvania celebrate graduates, 20-year anniversary

Two GEO Reentry centers in Pennsylvania, including the Lycoming County Reentry Service Center and the Luzerne County Electronic Monitoring Office, recently marked milestone events. The Lycoming RSC hosted a transition celebration to honor probationers graduating from the center’s intensive reentry program. The electronic monitoring office held an open house to celebrate 20 years of providing electronic monitoring services to corrections officials in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

The Lycoming RSC’s transition ceremony was attended by GEO Reentry staff, program alumni, community members, supervising officers and family members of program participants. A reporter from the Sun-Gazette covered the ceremony, which began with alumna Stephanie Rolley attributing her three years of sobriety to the program.

Alumnus Seth Frederickson spoke as well. Frederickson said the program not only helped him stop using drugs, but made him want to change. Frederickson now works as a certified recovery specialist and helps overdose patients learn to live drug-free.

One of the current Lycoming RSC graduates addressed attendees, saying that she came to the program homeless and lost. She says now, clean and sober, she’s ready to rebuild relationships with friends and the children she pushed away.

GEO Reentry held an open house at the Luzerne County Electronic Monitoring Office to commemorate 20 years of service. The office provides electronic monitoring services for the Adult Probation and Parole Department and the Luzerne County Correctional Facility. GEO Reentry provides reentry services at the neighboring Luzerne County Reentry Service Center as well.

A reporter from the Times Leader covered the open house, which was attended by city council and county probation officials. Stacey Valez, the office’s program manager, said the office does important work. She’s quoted in the Times-Leader article saying, “It’s a service to both the legal system and to the family of those on probation.”

GEO area manager John Hogan attended the open house as well. Hogan stressed the important role GEO Reentry’s electronic monitoring office has played in improving Luzerne County’s public safety efforts. He said the office’s services have decreased recidivism rates across the county.

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