Several GEO Reentry programs in Illinois host summer graduations and resource fairs

Transition celebrations are hosted for parolees who complete the reentry program as a show of public support for their efforts toward a crime-free future.

Several GEO Reentry programs in Illinois are celebrating participant graduations, also known as transition celebrations, this summer. These events mark successful completion of commitments by parolees who have attended programs at GEO Reentry non-residential reentry centers. At these programs, GEO Reentry provide a structured combination of cognitive behavioral treatment, training and case management designed to change criminal thinking and reduce recidivism, and participants move through the programs based on completion of various phases. Most of these graduates will remain in contact with the GEO Reentry Service Centers through an Aftercare program, which includes periodic check-ins to support former participants as they navigate life in the community. Others will stay linked with GEO Reentry’s voluntary alumni network.

Funded by the Illinois Department of Corrections to support reentry supervision of parolees who are considered at high risk of recidivating, the centers have been operated by GEO Reentry for more than a decade.

Graduates and their families, local officials, community corrections officers, and program staff attend the graduations. Some graduates discuss their experiences in the program and plans for the future. Classes at the reentry centers also teach communication skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, and parenting and employment skills.

GEO Reentry hosts resource fairs to connect parolees with local service providers in Illinois.
GEO Reentry hosts resource fairs to connect parolees with local service providers in Illinois.

GEO Reentry Service Centers in Illinois hosting graduations include:

  • Decatur Reentry Service Center on Aug. 14
  • Rockford Reentry Service Center on Aug. 22
  • Rockford Reentry Service Center on Aug. 29

In addition to the transition celebration events, GEO Reentry hosted resource fairs at two other GEO Reentry locations in Illinois in July. The Chatham Reentry Service Center and the West Fulton Reentry Service Center hosted resource fairs on July 24 and July 31, respectively. GEO Reentry coordinates the Resource Fair events for parolees to connect them with local service providers that offer housing, medical, educational, vocational services and more. GEO Reentry employment counselors also provided feedback on resumes as well as offered guidance and assistance on how to successfully navigate the job search process.

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