Continuum of Care

Want a Seamless Delivery of Rehabilitative Services?

Delivering the right reentry service at the right time saves money and enhances outcomes. The GEO Continuum of Care is enhanced in-custody offender rehabilitation programming, including cognitive behavioral treatment, integrated with post-release support services.

Our expertise in partnership with yours

Highly trained staff bring results

As part of our GEO Continuum of Care, GEO staff will train all prison facility staff members in Core Correctional Practices and effective intervention. Staff also receive targeted training in a number of areas—from case management to group facilitation skills—to enhance outcomes.

Safe and efficient implementation

Our extensive experience means we have the resources, infrastructure, and expertise to efficiently, effectively, and safely implement the GEO Continuum of Care programming model. Our resources also allow us to assist our partners in re-activation efforts, including design, renovation, and construction.

A single entity for programming, transition, and post-release

GEO Reentry's flexible innovation in the field

Florida’s cutting edge Graceville Facility

The GEO Group launched an 1,884-capacity Graceville Correctional Facility for the Florida DOC in 2015. It delivers in-prison treatment to prepare individuals for release, and offers post-release support services to facilitate successful community reintegration. In-prison programming includes cognitive behavioral and substance abuse treatment, vocational and educational programs, and the post-release services that link individuals to valuable community resources upon their release. 

Merced County’s integrated approach

Merced County is successfully integrating in-prison treatment and training with community supervision and programming. As a result, individuals are motivated to complete evidence-based treatment and training, which better prepares them for community programming and a successful reintegration into the community. The County also uses electronic monitoring to enhance supervision and accountability.


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