Non-Residential Reentry

Interested in Reducing Recidivism in Your Community?

GEO Reentry Services provides correctional agencies with evidence-based behavior change programs that fit their community needs and budget. We combine “what works” with “how it works” to deliver research-based programs that match our customer’s environments and change criminal behavior.

You'll appreciate working with us for Non-Residential Reentry

We maintain fidelity, while offering flexible solutions

Because each agency’s needs, participant population and budget varies, we build programs that meet any agency’s needs while maintaining program fidelity. These non-residential reentry programs provide caring and compassionate treatment to address the needs of community-based offenders who are more likely to recidivate based on criminal history and risk factors. We can manage participants for short or long durations, supplemented by community connections and resources that help stabilize them.

“These programs play an integral part in our criminal justice reform efforts,” said Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Secretary James M. Le Blanc.

Cost-efficient alternatives to incarceration

Outsource for specialized services

Strategic outsourcing

When GEO Reentry opens a non-residential reentry program in your community, your agency benefits from no capital expense or start-up costs, you receive turnkey programs, and you gain from our institutional knowledge, experience, procedures, policies, and performance guarantee.

Rapid implementation

Our experienced operations team can implement a non-residential reentry program—from the time an agreement is established to enrolling program participant referrals—in as few as 60 days.

GEO Reentry's flexible innovation in the field

Supporting PA parolees

The Pennsylvania DOC selected GEO Reentry to open non-residential reentry programs for parolees throughout the Commonwealth as part of its initiative to reduce recidivism and lower incarceration costs. GEO Reentry tailored the services to the needs of the parolee population, offering ongoing reporting, cognitive behavioral treatment, and employment-readiness training for up to six months.

Napa’s Spanish-speaking track

With a sizable local Hispanic population, the Napa County Probation Department sought a Spanish-speaking track within its Community Corrections Service Center. GEO Reentry opened this track in 2016, and it has grown to better serve the reentry needs of the local community.

Visit our programs in action

Jurisdictions nationwide have entrusted us to create non-residential reentry programs that support their efforts to reduce costly recidivism and enhance community safety — visit one to see for yourself.