Pretrial Defendant Programs

Are Your Pretrial Defendants Waiting Idly in Jail?

Nationwide, almost 70 percent of available jail beds are filled with pretrial defendants. GEO Reentry Services now offers a program to release defendants into structured community supervision and behavior change programs, an approach that reduces costly jail crowding, provides early treatment intervention, and enhances sentencing options.

Why offer services for individuals not yet sentenced?

Individual and community benefits

Building off our expertise in community-based reentry services, GEO Reentry developed outpatient and residential programs for moderate- to high-risk pretrial defendants. These evidence-based programs reduce jail crowding, lower operational costs, and slow building degradation. Additionally, they offer judges alternatives to incarceration as individuals await trial or sentencing.

The higher the risk, the greater the change

Changing criminal thinking

When participants are referred to one of our pretrial programs, they are assessed for criminogenic risk and needs factors.  Participants move through several phases of a treatment process that can reduce criminal risk levels. Supervision, cognitive behavioral therapy, and life-changing classes reduce the risk levels for recidivating at each phase.

Accountability matters

Our programs use positive reinforcement coupled with consistent, timely, and appropriate use of sanctions for non-compliance. Staff are trained and certified in Motivational Interviewing techniques. Participants are held accountable with daily check-ins, ongoing drug and alcohol testing, and intensive case management.

A structured approach to pretrial release

Would you like to learn more?

Jurisdictions nationwide have entrusted us to create behavior change programs that support their efforts to reduce costly recidivism and enhance community safety. Contact us to learn how our expertise can work for your pretrial defendants.