Shasta County recipient of $600,000 grant to help reduce recidivism

In May, Shasta County law enforcement officials announced that the county received a $600,000 grant from the State’s Recidivism Reduction Fund. The news conference was covered by KRCR News which wrote that the grant is designed to curb jail overcrowding, recidivism rates and instances of failure to appear in court.

Officials said the grant, called the Shasta County Community Crime Reduction Program, will be used over a 25 month period to hire more probation staff and implement the use of the Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument. The tool will be used to assess those arrested on whether they are good candidates for pretrial supervision. The grant will also allow the probation department to acquire 100 more GPS monitors for their electronic monitoring program.

The news is welcome for GEO Reentry Services as well as our sister company, BI Incorporated, as GEO Reentry runs the Shasta County Community Corrections Center, an intensive reentry program for adult probationers, and BI Incorporated provides electronic monitoring to the county.

Chief Probation Officer Tracie Neal said the entire grant will help curb crime by implementing necessary changes.