Sober Fest events highlight importance of community support

In honor of National Recovery Month, GEO Reentry Services has partnered with community organizations and law enforcement in several California counties to co-host Sober Fest events that promote sobriety and community support.

The GEO Reentry centers involved in the events include the Merced County Day Reporting Center, Fresno County DRC and Tuolumne County DRC.

Sober Fest in Merced County was the result of a collaboration between the Merced County Sheriff’s Department, Merced County Probation Department and GEO Reentry and was featured in the Merced Sun Star.

As noted in the article, a large majority of individuals in custody are arrested in relation to some type of substance abuse, making the issue an important community matter.

At the event, county agencies were on hand to share vital information about local resources available for individuals dealing with substance abuse, while it also featured family-friendly activities including face painting, a bounce house, a motorcycle show and a dance contest.

The events are a great way to educate the public on community providers in their area while also providing a venue for fun, family events that encourage prosocial behavior. At GEO Reentry, participants are encouraged to get involved in their communities as a way to build a lasting support system, and staff members work hard to help establish these connections.

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