Cognitive Behavioral treatment

April 16, 2018

GEO Reentry Services presents to Franklin County Commissioners

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.—On April 10, 2018, GEO Reentry Services representatives provided an update to Franklin County Commissioners regarding the Franklin County Reentry Service Center (RSC) partnership. GEO Reentry has been a Franklin County subcontractor since 2006, delivering evidence-based reentry services designed to affect permanent behavioral changes that will enable the formerly […]
April 10, 2018

GEO Reentry celebrates Second Chance Month

The White House has designated April as Second Chance Month for criminal offenders. In late March, officials announced that the month will be used to emphasize the need to reduce crime as well as recidivism by providing assistance to people with criminal records and helping them earn honest second chances. […]
January 9, 2018

Structured skill-building a core component in GEO Reentry programs

To help participants develop the pro-social behaviors they need to make positive, healthy decisions in their everyday lives and meet their individual goals, GEO Reentry staff work with participants on structured skill-building. Building behavioral and practical skills through concrete steps ensures that participants not only learn, but retain necessary skills […]
November 2, 2017

Erie Outpatient hosts graduation ceremony for participants

Erie Outpatient in Philadelphia celebrated its second graduation ceremony for participants who completed the drug and alcohol treatment program offered at the non-residential reentry service center on Sept. 29. The 14 participants who graduated from the six-month program of outpatient treatment for substance abuse were parolees referred from the Pennsylvania […]