Decatur GEO Reentry Service Center

February 10, 2015

GEO Reentry Services helping Decatur parolees take charge of their lives

GEO Reentry Services is working to empower parolees participating in the GEO Reentry Service Center in Decatur, Illinois, to take control of their lives and leave criminal activity behind. To celebrate the successes of recent program graduates, GEO Reentry hosted a transition celebration in January, which was featured in local […]
January 23, 2015

Transition celebrations in Illinois honor graduates of intensive reentry programs

Participants of GEO Reentry Services’ day reporting centers for parolees in Decatur and East St. Louis, Illinois, were honored in transition celebrations in January. The ceremonies commemorate a participant’s graduation from GEO Reentry’s intensive reentry programs and their return to their communities. The first graduation celebration took place on Jan. […]