National Reentry Resource Center

November 27, 2018

CSG Justice Center report: 11 states reduce recidivism using evidence-based practices

Nationwide, after trending upward for years, recidivism is showing signs of decreasing. A new report published by the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the National Reentry Resource Center, “Reducing Recidivism: States Deliver Results,” highlights 11 states that have experienced massive drops in recidivism rates. The report credits the […]
April 15, 2015

Four sites selected to pilot new web-based reentry tool

The National Reentry Resource Center, created by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, has selected four sites to implement their web-based decision-support reentry tool for corrections and treatment providers. The evidence-based tool is designed to improve individual and program outcomes through criminal justice and behavioral health principles, according to […]
January 27, 2015

Pilot reentry project to be implemented in Milwaukee and Philadelphia

The National Reentry Resource Center, an initiative of the Council of State Governments Justice Center, is launching a pilot reentry project designed to aid former prisoners in finding employment in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The pilot program, called the Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies Pilot Project, will roll […]
January 6, 2015

Two states selected to develop strategies for employing people with criminal records

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were recently chosen by the National Reentry Resource Center to receive assistance in developing smart strategies to help people with criminal records find employment. As researchers have found, gaining employment is a key step for many in maintaining a crime-free life following a criminal conviction. Yet finding […]