reduce recidivism

April 9, 2019

How In-Prison Reentry Programs Prepare Inmates for Life After Prison

A growing number of state institutions are introducing efforts to reduce recidivism long before an inmate is released to their community. Through these in-prison reentry programs, at-risk offenders are given the individualized treatment necessary to help them transition to a life without crime. Addressing individual thinking with evidence-based programs like […]
May 14, 2013

Reentry programs reduce recidivism with evidence-based practices

Dr. Edward Latessa, respected University of Cincinnati Criminal Justice Researcher, recently responded to The New York Times article, “Pennsylvania Study Finds Halfway Houses Don’t Reduce Recidivism.” The piece criticized residential reentry programs, which seek to rehabilitate ex-offenders and help them effectively transition back into the community. In his response, Dr. […]
January 10, 2013

Stanford to research effects of California’s Prison Realignment (AB 109)

The Stanford Criminal Justice Center was awarded $650,000 to research the implementation and impact of California’s Public Safety Realignment legislation — which went into effect one year ago this month, and transfers authority for convicted felons from the state prison and parole system to local counties. The U.S. Department of […]