residential reentry programs

December 27, 2018

GEO Reentry uses anger management classes to address criminal behaviors

Anger is at the root of many criminal behaviors, such as domestic violence, abuse, vandalism and other violent offenses. That’s why at GEO Reentry, we help probationers and parolees in our residential and non-residential reentry programs, as well as offenders in our jail and prison programs, address the root cause […]
December 11, 2018

Parenting classes help GEO Reentry participants achieve stability

GEO Reentry uses evidence-based programming in its reentry programs to empower probationers and parolees with the tools they need to succeed. To help program participants with children achieve familial stability, participants in both residential and non-residential GEO Reentry centers have access to parenting classes. These classes foster learning and skill-building […]
October 12, 2017

Using prosocial reentry programming in Casper, Wyoming

The Casper Reentry Center, a residential reentry program in Wyoming, is keeping its residents occupied this season with prosocial reentry programming that incorporates fun events and educational presentations. Prosocial activities are a smart and evidence-based approach to helping individuals who exhibit antisocial behaviors recognize the greater world around them and […]