Shasta County reentry services

December 12, 2017

GEO Reentry non-residential reentry centers celebrate program participants

Several non-residential reentry centers operated by GEO Reentry Services recently hosted or will host winter transition ceremonies to honor the hard work of participants who’ve completed GEO Reentry’s reentry programs, which incorporate intensive cognitive behavioral treatment, life skills and more. The centers that have or will host transition ceremonies include: […]
July 25, 2016

Shasta County Day Reporting Center Holds Graduation Ceremony for Eight Program Participants

Eight Shasta County, California-area residents graduated from the Shasta County Day Reporting Center’s program on July 21, raising to 77 the number of former offenders who have successfully completed the program and re-entered the community. According to county officials, only 10 DRC graduates have committed a crime after graduation, meaning […]