Alumni Services

Alumni Services Offers Long-term Support for Reentry Participants

GEO Reentry Alumni ServicesGEO Reentry’s Alumni Services network connects former program participants to community resources and links them to current participants as a helpful resource. This program is a valuable stabilizing factor for many program participants as they return to their local communities.

The Alumni Services program provides former participants ongoing mentorship; connections to life-long support networks and referral opportunities; and employment, housing and educational links. Dedicated staff help former participants who want to be involved connect with other alumni to build a supportive network. Additionally, the network group participates in pro-social activities that support their local communities, such as neighborhood clean ups, volunteer work at homeless shelters or food bank centers, and other community service efforts.

Participation in the GEO Reentry Alumni Services network is completely voluntary. Many in the alumni network visit current program participants to offer support, positive feedback and to show them a crime-free life is possible.

Alumni Services is currently offered in five states and is slated for continued expansion.

Alumni Network Testimonials

“I am not only proud of myself, but I am proud of what I am doing. I go into (reentry) facilities and share my story, volunteer and help the women, reaching out to give hope and promise of a better life.”
- Dot B.
“I go to alumni meetings regularly as I want to be there for others and to share my experience, strength and hope as many did for me. I find my work with Alumni Services very rewarding.”
- Jennette T.
“I have been an active member of alumni services for 16 years. I have not re-offended, nor have any desire to. I enjoy trying to help people change. I see the value of the programming. I know it works as I went through it and I am a different person.”
- Pete B.
“I have experienced a profound change in my life, and I am glad to have an opportunity to help others. It is great to see others return to society in a positive way and be able to share resources that can assist in their success.”
- Timothy D.

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