An Industry Leader in Reentry Services

GEO Reentry Services delivers evidence-based treatment and supervision programs for individuals on probation or parole and pretrial defendants in residential, in-custody, and non-residential reentry centers. At the core of GEO Reentry’s treatment and training is cognitive-behavioral treatment, intended to change criminal attitudes, enhance social skills, and encourage interpersonal problem-solving. By combining research-based treatment and counseling services, GEO Reentry assists community correctional agencies with important community safety efforts.

Customized Solutions to Fit Agency Needs

Because each agency faces unique challenges, GEO Reentry works closely with correctional agencies to develop custom programs and solutions that retain our core principles—evidence-based practices and program fidelity designed to reduce risk and recidivism. From programs designed for Spanish-speaking participants to programs for inmates released from life sentences to in-prison centers for females only, GEO Reentry is constantly innovating and evolving to address different risks and needs.

ACA Accreditation

GEO Reentry staff takes pride in and has achieved high marks from the American Correctional Association (ACA) for operating industry-leading residential centers and programs. In fact, many of our residential reentry centers have achieved 100% accreditation scores, and most rank in the upper 90% range, from ACA’s Commission on Accreditation for Corrections, Performance-Based Standards for Adult Community Residential Services.

Licensed, Qualified Staff

GEO Reentry recruits qualified staff from the communities we serve to work at our local programs. As a result, we benefit from their professional experience, community connections, and knowledge gained through years of community service. GEO Reentry staff members undergo intensive corporate training on a variety of issues—evidence-based practices, security and safety measures, and case management principles, for example—before they engage with participants.

A Division of GEO Care

GEO Care’s Reentry Services division provides individuals nearing the end of their sentence with the resources necessary to productively transition back into society. Through residential centers, GEO Reentry provides individuals on federal and state parole and probation with temporary housing, employment assistance, rehabilitation and substance use counseling, vocational and education programs. At our non-residential reentry centers, GEO Reentry offers full service, evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatment and related services. And, our in-custody programs prepare individuals in state prisons and county jails for successful reentry through treatment and training before release.