Employment Services

Preparing Individuals for Stable Employment

Employment and a steady income can provide purpose and stability for individuals released to community supervision. To assist participants in securing work, GEO Reentry provides a continuum of job development, placement, and retention services. Our team facilitates onsite employment readiness group sessions; provides onsite access to computer-based career skills programming; hosts job and resource fairs; and works closely with participants and local organizations to facilitate participant job searches and placement.

Employment Assessment and Individual Employment Plan

Program staff use employment-related assessments to gather information on a participant’s work history, level of education, skills, abilities, and interests. Our staff includes employment specialists who work closely with participants to discuss assessment results and career recommendations. These staff members help participants create and maintain an employment plan, offering a customized, step-by-step guide to obtain employment and establish a career path.

Employment Readiness Group

Our staff facilitates onsite employment readiness groups that use research-proven practices such as structured, expressive writing, cognitive behavioral interventions, and Motivational Interviewing. This group helps participants build motivation and obtain the skills needed for work. Topics covered include:

Coaching in the Education/Employment Lab

Staff guide participants in using computers in the on-site education/employment lab to conduct job searches, create a professional resume, and other employment readiness tasks. We work with participants to help ensure any needed resources – transportation, childcare, and professional clothing – are in place prior to job interviews.

Workforce Development

Participants may be referred to a Workforce Development program to assist the individual in gaining employment in the community and planning for a career. Individuals receive the support of an education and employment coordinator to create an Employment Plan. Program elements include:

Participant Training for Substance Use Certifications

We support participants with the training needed to obtain a substance use certification such as the accredited Certified Associate Addictions Professional (CAP) program, a way they can continue their recovery and help others.

This free website provides access to community resources nationwide and helpful tools to aid individuals in their transition from incarceration or justice-involved programs, including employment search strategies and tips.