In-Custody Treatment

In-Custody Treatment Begins the Change Process Before Release

GEO Reentry Services offers correctional agencies in-custody treatment programs for individuals nearing the end of their jail or prison sentences. Starting treatment before they are released back into the community facilitates consistency in treatment and helps individuals be better prepared for their transition to the community. By assessing an individual’s risk and needs and initiating programming while in prison, the transition to a community-based program is seamless and behavior change is expedited.

The Challenge

When individuals enter the criminal justice system, each person comes with their own unique set of traits, risks and needs. They also fall into different categories of the prison population: women, those with mental health or addiction issues, parents, the elderly, and much more. Most do not receive tailored training and treatment while incarcerated, which is a lost opportunity and increases the likelihood of failure upon release.

Our Approach

Correctional agencies that employ our in-custody treatment services carefully select candidates for the program, and GEO Reentry staff perform a risk/needs assessment to make sure treatment plans are responsive to the individual. Throughout the program, individuals work closely with their case manager, who holds them accountable and helps identify and address negative behavior patterns. Services include:

Outcomes with In-Custody Treatment Programs

Correctional agencies that partner with GEO Reentry are reaching the individuals under their supervision at a crucial time. By offering specific populations evidence-based reentry treatment and training while they are still incarcerated, individuals have the chance to address antisocial thinking patterns and behaviors before they are released into the community. And, these programs seamlessly bridge to community treatment and training upon release.