A Program for Pretrial Service Agencies

GEO Reentry Services offers an innovative program that supports pretrial agencies and the judiciary to release individuals to community supervision. Building off our expertise in community-based reentry services, these outpatient and residential programs are for moderate- to high-risk pretrial defendants.

The Challenge

Many individuals on pretrial release are incarcerated for weeks if not months before and during trial because they cannot post bail. As a result, an estimated two-thirds of individuals incarcerated in jails are pretrial defendants, a costly solution that burdens jail capacity, strains staff, and prematurely degrades facilities. Holding individuals while they await trial can impair their access to justice, leads some to plead guilty simply to get released, and hurts their ability to work and support themselves and families. The impact of unnecessary pretrial detention also is reflected in overcrowded jails and the related expenses of providing health care, meals, and other costs of incarceration.

Our Approach to Pretrial Services

A high functioning pretrial agency can have many positive impacts on local justice systems. GEO Reentry can support pretrial service agencies to deliver professional services that hold individuals accountable to conditions of release, focus on court appearances, and introduce evidence-based treatment that can reduce recidivism.

Outcomes with Pretrial Programs

By partnering with GEO Reentry, you gain expanded capability to supervise individuals on pretrial release in the community while they await court proceedings. The individuals are able to maintain jobs or educational opportunities, support themselves, and begin a treatment process that can reduce criminal risk.