Community Connections

Linking Program Participants to Valuable Resources

Knowing about and accessing services available in a local community is a critical component of a GEO Reentry Services program. Staff members provide participants with access to a range of health, family service, social service, residential treatment, mental health, domestic violence, legal advocacy, and employment resource centers. To enhance participants’ reentry success, Community Connections services include a resource library, on-site events and referrals from staff.


Our reentry staff gathers information from community service providers to connect participants with additional services that can continue even after they finish reentry programming. This information is available in a resource library maintained at each center.

On-site Events

Community Connections events are hosted on a regular basis, where representatives from local organizations or businesses inform participants about the resources available and provide motivation for engaging in these services. Participants have the chance to speak individually with representatives and to sign up for services, as applicable.


GEO Reentry staff can contact identified service providers and initiate appointments for participants. Staff members follow up with service providers to confirm participants attended their appointments and maintain open communication to help ensure seamless service delivery.

Local Outreach

Developing a network locally is essential to the success of the program and participants. Staff attend many local events and meetings with stakeholders and other service providers to expand their awareness of local resources accessible to program participants.

To supplement the connections and referrals made by our program staff, participants can access, a free website that includes a resource database to search for local resources that support basic needs, employment, and educational and vocational opportunities. The website also includes a library of inspirational stories and videos.