Gender Responsive Services

Reentry Services Tailored to Female Participants

As the fastest growing criminal justice population, women present many challenges to corrections and criminal justice officials. Responding to the unique needs of women, GEO Reentry offers gender-responsive services to address the specific concerns and risk factors of female populations, including type and frequency of offenses, criminogenic risk and needs, and treatment and engagement needs.

Many women involved in the justice system report abuse or trauma in their lives, which can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance use. GEO Reentry consults with national experts to develop programs and services including treatment and practices based on trauma-informed values to ensure justice-involved females feel safe, respected, and understood while meeting the conditions of their sentences.

Elements of Gender-Responsive Practices

We pay particular attention to critical reentry success factors for women, including the same issues men face – employment, substance use, negative relationships – plus issues more common in women, including mental health, self-esteem, and parental stress. Our trauma-informed approach allows women to begin healing from their experiences so they can move toward a positive, crime-free life.