Alumni Services

A Supportive Network Can Make All the Difference

After completing commitments staying on the right track takes the support of a positive, pro-social network. GEO Reentry’s Alumni Services program helps formerly justice-involved individuals to stay on a crime-free path by connecting former program participants to community service activities, valuable resources, opportunities, and a network of like-minded individuals trying to turn their lives around. This service is a valuable stabilizing factor for many program participants as they return to their local communities.

Alumni Services provides former participants ongoing mentorship; connections to life-long support networks and referral opportunities; and employment, housing, and educational links. Dedicated staff help former participants who want to be involved to connect with other alumni to build a supportive network.

Additionally, alumni have the opportunity to participate in pro-social activities throughout the year that support their local communities, enhance self-worth, and make connections. These activities include neighborhood clean ups, volunteer work at homeless shelters or food bank centers, and other community service efforts.

Participation is voluntary, and many alumni connect with current program participants to offer support, positive feedback, and to demonstrate a crime-free life is possible.