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Spotlight On Louisiana Open House

At a recent open house in Baton Rouge, La., James M. Le Blanc, the Secretary of Corrections for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and other local policymakers visited Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center to show their support for the program, meet with local members of the judiciary and hear firsthand from program participants. “Day reporting centers are effective alternatives to revocation and incarceration, providing individualized case management, connecting parolees with the services they need, and thus helping lower recidivism, reducing incarceration costs, and making the public safer,” said Secretary Le Blanc.

November 21, 2017

Mid Valley House staff help in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Giving back through volunteer work is something we make a conscious effort to encourage as part of our GEO Reentry Services programs. Following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, our team at Mid Valley House in Edinburg, Texas, recently traveled to Houston to help with relief efforts. Hurricane Harvey was a […]
November 14, 2017

Outcomes report for GEO Reentry programs in Pennsylvania shows risk drop for offenders

Participants of four reentry centers in Pennsylvania were found to be at a reduced risk level upon completion of GEO Reentry Services programming in a report covering calendar year 2016. The participants’ risk levels, determined by the Level of Science Inventory-Revised (LSI-R), decreased on average from an intake level of […]