What Works

Evidence-Based Practices Reduce Recidivism

GEO Reentry Services applies evidence-based practices (EBP), developed over decades of research and studies by industry experts, to lower recidivism rates. EBP addresses criminal thinking to change behavior at a fundamental level, so that program participants may successfully reintegrate into the community.

Why are EBP the Way to Go?

“The principal significance of this body of research is threefold: first, we now know that treatment and rehabilitation can ‘work’ to reduce recidivism; second, for appropriate individuals alternatives to imprisonment can be both less expensive and more effective in reducing crime; and, third, even where alternatives to incarceration do not decrease recidivism, they often do not increase it either.”

Core Elements of EBP

EBP research indicates there are three core elements that can affect an individual’s outcomes:

Targeting Intervention

Based on assessed risks and criminogenic needs, GEO Reentry develops an individual treatment plan for program participants, understanding that “one size fits all” service models are insufficient.

Risk Control and Risk Reduction

Risk control refers to rehabilitation methods such as confinement, drug testing, and electronic monitoring, all of which can have an immediate impact on public safety. Risk reduction tactics use social learning models such as cognitive-behavioral treatment to lower the chance of recidivism. GEO Reentry programs set clear guidelines with participants to maintain a high bar for compliance, but also reinforce positive effort at each step to improve results.

Building a Prosocial Bond Structure

Successful reentry programs improve a participant’s bonds and ties to prosocial community members while creating an environment to support and reinforce constructive new behaviors. GEO Reentry programs develop extensive networks of community resources available for participants. These resources support program participants as they complete their supervision and treatment requirements and begin reintegration into the community.

Professionalizing EBP

For decades, agencies have worked to implement EBP within in-custody and community supervision programs. This is complex as it takes a commitment to adjust cultures and practices throughout a system. GEO Reentry partners with agencies nationwide to implement EBP programs to support the goal of reducing recidivism.