In-Prison Treatment

Are You Looking to Set In-Prison Offenders on the Right Track?

GEO Reentry partners with correctional agencies to provide comprehensive in-prison treatment services tailored to individual inmate risks and needs. Starting treatment before release facilitates consistency in treatment and reduces recidivism. GEO Reentry works closely with customers to provide reliable solutions that meet the rehabilitative needs of specific inmate populations.

We bring our in-prison treatment expertise to your facility

Start the reentry process at a crucial time

Changing behavior

In-prison treatment can reduce recidivism by preparing offenders for their transition back home, increasing the likelihood that they will become productive community members and leave criminal activity behind.

Developing skills

Equipping individuals with the critical skills necessary to navigate life outside of jail or prison is a key component of our in-prison treatment. Our curriculum includes job and skills training, cognitive behavioral treatment that targets criminal thinking, and classes that promote pro-social habits.


In fitting with evidence-based practice, individuals in GEO Reentry in-prison programs are held accountable for their behavior. Positive reinforcement is delivered for pro-social behavior, and consequences are clear and firmly applied for non-compliance.

A structured approach to in-prison programming

GEO Reentry's flexible innovation in the field

Serving a female population

Women are the fastest growing in-prison demographic in the U.S., and they pose unique challenges and opportunities. GEO Reentry worked with corrections officials in McFarland, CA to create an in-prison treatment program for women in a formerly closed prison. The facility has become a hub of positive programming for women preparing for release.  

North Carolina’s violator program

Rather than returning technical violators to incarceration with no services, North Carolina asked GEO Reentry to open unique facilities called Confinement in Response to Violation Centers. Over a 90-day “shock” sentence, participants receive cognitive behavioral and substance abuse treatment, learn life skills, and more. The centers get offenders’ attention, deliver relevant therapies and conserve taxpayer costs.

Visit our programs in action

Jurisdictions nationwide have entrusted us to create in-prison programs to reduce costly recidivism and enhance community safety. Contact us to see one yourself.