Jail Reentry Programs

Are You Preparing Jail Inmates for Successful Reentry?

Recognizing the unique challenges jails face, GEO Reentry Services offers county sheriffs and probation officials valuable reentry programming for individuals in jail. Our cognitive behavioral treatment programs prepare inmates for a successful release, and in many cases generate bridges to continued treatment in the community.

We bring our reentry expertise to your jail

Goals for jail reentry programs that have a lasting impact

A structured approach for jail inmates

Individual services

GEO Reentry’s jail reentry programs include assessment, treatment planning, life skills, one-on-one treatment sessions and self-directed journaling.  Our expert case managers work closely with participants as they progress through the program, and they also develop release plans 30 to 60 days prior to release.

Group treatment

Peers learn from peers, and our collaborative group treatment environment offers support from those facing similar challenges. With jail officials, we set up group rooms that meet the needs of inmates and facility managers.

GED prep

Our mobile computer lab offers GED prep courses for program participants, which can help propel individuals toward further schooling or employment opportunities. Using laptops allows for flexibility in program delivery, and several precautions limit security issues.

Program fidelity and training

Delivering quality programs is our top priority. Our dedicated corporate training and research teams continuously assesses best practices, program fidelity and measure outcomes within all programs.

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Looking to break the cycle of overcrowded jails and prepare individuals for successful release, counties are asking for jail programs to begin the reentry process in custody. Contact us to learn more.