Day Reporting

GEO Reentry supports parole, probation and pretrial service agencies with day reporting programs to match offender population risks and agency budgets. The programs offer supervision and treatment delivered via evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism.
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GEO Reentry offers in-custody treatment and training programs designed to change criminal thinking and behavior. The evidence-based programs give inmates a jump-start on additional treatment and training or employment opportunities upon release from incarceration.
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Our nationwide residential programs deliver temporary housing, monitoring and transitional services for adult male and female offenders. These community-based solutions support correctional agencies with a structured program designed as an alternative to incarceration.
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Spotlight on Reentry

GEO Reentry opens DRC in Imperial County


In March, GEO Reentry Services opened a day reporting center in Imperial County to provide evidence-based services to probationers under community supervision. The center provides skills training courses, including resume-building and job interview training, as well as parenting classes, behavioral therapy and anger management. Targeting offenders who have a high risk of recidivating, the goal of the center is to change criminal behavior and prepare probationers for their reentry into society. The center held an open house in May.

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