New Jersey creates task force to expand reentry options

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced a major expansion to the state’s reentry efforts this week in an attempt to reduce recidivism and lower costs to taxpayers. He announced creation of the Task Force for Recidivism Reduction, which will be co-chaired by attorney Lisa Puglisi, with the state Department of Corrections and the State Parole Board, and James Plousis, chairman of the State Parole Board, to generate reform recommendations.

The governor’s announcement follows recommendations by an organization called the Manhattan Institute, a think tank commissioned to analyze the state’s current prisoner re-entry system. The institute found room for improvement in the current system between services provided in prison, during parole and in the community. The governor would also like to see expansion of the state’s drug court system.

BI Incorporated has worked successfully with New Jersey for more than a decade. GEO operates day reporting centers and offers a mix of electronic monitoring services, including GPS tracking for high-risk offenders, today.