ADAPPT congratulates Patricia Smith for 20 years of service

Clinical supervisor celebrates 20 years at GEO Reentry program

Patricia Smith, clinical supervisor of the GEO Alcohol & Drug Addiction Parole & Probation Treatment (ADAPPT) Outpatient facility in Reading, Pennsylvania, is being recognized for 20 years of service. Ms. Smith has been an integral part of the ADAPPT team, performing many key operational functions at the facility where participants referred from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole receive evidence-based reentry programming.

“We value the important contributions made by Ms. Smith in working with our staff and reentrants at ADAPPT,” said Michael Critchosin, director of the program. “Her reliability and continuous support has been very valuable to the safety and progress of our reentrants on a daily basis.”

Ms. Smith began her career as a counselor at Berks County Prison, a program run through ADAPPT. She joined the ADAPPT staff at its beginnings as a counselor, and has worked herself up through the ranks to the position of clinical supervisor.

“I am grateful for the opportunity here at ADAPPT to have developed a rewarding career in treatment counseling,” said Ms. Smith. “I am proud to be part of a staff that is making a difference for recidivism reduction in the State of Pennsylvania.”

ADAPPT Outpatient provides reentrants with cognitive programming and counseling that focuses on changing addictive and criminal behaviors, offering a secure environment for learning life skills and coping mechanisms designed to change criminal thinking.

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