ADAPPT volunteers help renovate local library and pool clean-up

ADAPPT volunteers help renovate local library and pool clean-up

Reentrants from Alcohol & Drug Addiction Parole & Probation Treatment, or ADAPPT, a residential reentry center in Reading, Pennsylvania, recently volunteered at the Reading Public Library and their local community pool.

At the library, ADAPPT volunteers and staff assisted with ongoing renovations at the center. They helped with moving furniture, taking down old shelving and assisting with the construction of a new technology-friendly space. This was their third community service visit to the library.

At the community pool, volunteers provided their talents toward painting and repairing the pool. Over the course of April and May, ADAPPT reentrants accomplished an incredible 120 hours of volunteer work at this location. Along with staff, they worked over several days to restore and paint the baby pool, complete with painted cartoon characters that will liven up the children’s area. The volunteers assisted with pressure washing the large pool and helping with masonry work to repaired damaged areas.

ADAPPT volunteers help renovate local library and pool clean-up

The ADAPPT group also assisted in cleaning and organizing the kitchen, bathrooms, and pavilion for the community pool, which will open for the summer to accommodate Reading residents.

“We believe community service is an important component of reentry programming,” said Mike Critchosin, director of ADAPPT. “It reinforces positive behavior that creates a change in overall outlook and approach to life.”

ADAPPT provides evidence-based reentry programming to individuals referred from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. Managed by GEO Reentry Services, the center’s mission is to prepare reentrants for a successful transition back to society with the skills needed to support a positive lifestyle. The program is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs.

Programming at ADAPPT focuses on alcohol and substance abuse treatment, integrating elements of rational emotive behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral treatment and a bio-psychosocial approach to addiction. Other services include individual and group counseling, educational and vocational assistance, and anger and domestic violence therapy.

ADAPPT continues its excellent record of community service, working in partnership with the City of Reading. Volunteers from ADAPPT have volunteered at city clean-ups and snow removals and helped out at local church events.

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