BOP creates Reentry Services Division

Witnessing more and more corrections agencies put an increased emphasis on reentry programming is an encouraging trend. The trend continued recently as the Bureau of Prisons established the Reentry Services Division to give more direction and oversight to offender reentry.

In a statement, officials at the BOP said the new reentry division will focus on reentry programming and resources in the community to aid in an offender’s transition. The division is divided into five sections: National Reentry Affairs, Chaplaincy Services, Residential Reentry Management, Female Offenders and Psychology Services.

Bureau Director Charles Samuels said he is excited to provide meaningful opportunities to offenders to reverse criminal thinking and transition back into their communities as contributing members of society. He also commended Warden Linda McGrew, who has been named the head of the new division.

“Our agency has already benefitted significantly from Linda’s many skills, dedication to public service, and her forward-thinking approach to leadership,” Samuels said. “Her insight and experience will further enhance reentry initiatives and our efforts to successfully prepare inmates to become law-abiding citizens.”

As more agencies, from local to state to federal, put more of an emphasis on reentry and treatment, officials at GEO Reentry Services stand ready to offer expertise and insight into the best practices and programming that will help these agencies accomplish their goals.