GEO alum earns bachelor’s degree and achieves Magna Cum Laude

GEO alum earns bachelor’s degree and achieves Magna Cum Laude

Congratulations to Oswald Newbold, an alum of the GEO Reentry-run South Bay Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility in Florida, for graduating magna cum laude from Palm Beach Atlantic University!

Mr. Newbold graduated at the top of his class, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in organizational leadership from the university’s Catherine T. MacArthur School of Leadership. Now a member of the GEO Reentry Alumni Services program, Mr. Newbold was determined following his time at in-custody treatment at South Bay to change his life for the better.

Upon receiving his degree, Mr. Newbold wrote a letter to Angela Geisinger, Senior Director of Programs at the GEO Group, to thank the GEO Care team for their support.

“The journey was challenging yet exhilarating and fulfilling,” wrote Mr. Newbold. “In a year when the pandemic has affected the course of lives and daily functions, it feels good to be able to share this positive information with you. Unfortunately, we did not have an in-person ceremony due to preventative COVID-19 measures, but I am happy to still reach this milestone. Thank you for your support and encouragement.”

Mr. Newbold’s path to becoming a college graduate demonstrates that GEO Reentry programming works, and the lives of the formerly incarcerated can get better. The South Bay facility was established in 1997 to house adult male inmates and is operated by GEO Reentry under contract with the Florida Department of Management Services. Participants in South Bay’s in-custody treatment program have access to a range of services including academic, vocational, substance abuse and institutional betterment programs.

“Oswald has inspired so many, and this is just another example of how and why,” said Ms. Geisinger. “He also served as a peer mentor while incarcerated and continues to inspire men and women through GEO Alumni Services. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments. It is fulfilling for us to provide programming that changes lives, that in turn has the potential to help countless others.” 

GEO Reentry’s Alumni Services program helps individuals maintain crime-free lives by connecting former program participants to community service activities, local resources and opportunities, and a network of like-minded individuals. The alumni program can be an effective stabilizing factor for former GEO Reentry program participants as they reintegrate into their local communities.

In addition to his educational accomplishments, Mr. Newbold leads and facilitates a weekly online meeting of GEO Reentry alumni and is one of 13 voting members on the executive committee of the Palm Beach County Reentry Task Force. He also maintains a nonprofit organization mentoring youth and young adults and is currently writing a book.