GEO Reentry residents help beat the blizzard in Newark

Residents of the GEO Reentry Services-run Newark Residential Reentry Service Center were praised in the local paper, The Star Ledger, recently for their help in the latest blizzard to overtake the city.

After waking up to a snowstorm, residents at the center contacted Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins to ask how they could help and shoveled several Newark streets to lend a hand.

Residents temporarily live for approximately 30 to 180 days in the reentry service center, where they are monitored and take part in cognitive behavioral therapy designed to challenge criminal thinking.

The goal of the center is to help participants land on their feet based on their own individual risks and needs, and classes range from intensive job readiness prep, to substance abuse training, parenting classes and support groups.

Community involvement and giving back are encouraged, and we’re proud to see our participants’ involvement in helping to shovel the snow in Newark.

Read the full story at the Star-Ledger.