GEO Reentry’s aftercare services support successful reentry, community integration

GEO Reentry Services provides evidence-based treatment to probationers and parolees with the goal of helping these individuals successfully transition back to their communities. Aftercare planning is a key component of the GEO Reentry program process and occurs once participants have completed their daily program requirements and goals.

Aftercare is designed to support and encourage participants to build on successful program completion and integration into the community. During the aftercare phase, participants work with their behavior change manager or an aftercare coordinator to develop an aftercare plan. Part of the plan includes weekly check-ins and attendance at a monthly aftercare group. Participants must also submit to periodic, random drug testing.

Successful aftercare services are designed to address critical offender needs, which have been demonstrated to decrease criminogenic risk and enhance an offender’s transition to the community. Integral to the development of the aftercare plan will be a risk reassessment utilizing objective risk and needs scales such as LSI-R tool.

This will result in a current indication of risks and needs to be addressed, compared to the initial risk assessment. Critical needs during the aftercare period include: family and community pro-social support; relapse prevention activities; pro-social cognitive decision making; and educational and vocational success experiences.

To transition from daily programming to the aftercare phase, participants must present proof of stable income and housing, as well as verified employment or student status. The entire aftercare process typically lasts two to three months, depending on the conditions set by the community corrections agency.

GEO Reentry believes that aftercare services foster accountability after participants have completed the initial phase of our programming. By requiring participants to check in to our centers and update us on their progress, we can continue supporting their success and assisting where needed.

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