Graduates of North Carolina TECS programs honored in fall transition celebrations

This fall, more than 100 probationers will graduate from one of six Treatment for Effective Community Supervision Service Centers, run by GEO Reentry Services in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

The centers, opened in Rowan, Randolph, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston and Guilford counties in 2012, provide reentry programming through evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatment designed to help break cycles of criminal behavior.

The centers were opened as part of a statewide initiative following the Justice Reinvestment Act and focus on reducing recidivism rates by creating a structured and supportive environment conducive to successful offender reentry.

Participants who successfully complete the program, which typically lasts between 120 to 180 days, are honored in graduation events called transition celebrations. These celebrations mark a key reintegration moment for participants and are attended by families, alumni of the program and local criminal justice officials.

The fall transition celebrations began in September and will continue until the end of October.

The celebrations have already taken place for Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston and Guilford counties, where a total of 88 probationers graduated from their respective programs.

One of those graduates from the Gaston County TECS center was featured in a great profile in the Gaston Gazette, where he discussed how he got involved in a cycle of crime and what helped him get out.

Like many, he became involved in crime at a young age and spent time in jail and prison on different drug charges, finding it hard once he was out to stay clean after being alienated from all positive influences in his life. He credits his success at graduating with a combination of programs available to him at the TECS center that helped him “break the chain of drug abuse, build healthy relationships and find honest work.”

The next celebration takes place in Rowan County on Oct. 16 in Salisbury, followed by Randolph County on Oct. 30 in Asheboro.

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