Kern County probationers successfully complete DRC programming

When probationers and parolees successfully complete a BI Day Reporting Center program, the contracting agency and BI coordinate a special event called a Transition Celebration. These events mark completion of the intensive DRC programming, and transition to independent community life. The DRC programming includes cognitive behavioral therapy, drug treatment and employment preparation, among other classes. In fact, many of the individuals completing the DRC programming have earned jobs or they are enrolled for school to enhance their skills so they stay out of the criminal justice system.

A transition celebration in Kern County last week involved 18 graduates, families, local probation officials and others.

The Kern County DRC opened in November 2010 and is a joint venture between Kern County Probation Department and BI Incorporated. Up to 50 adult offenders are enrolled in the DRC at one time, and the county is considering expanding that to 100 individuals. Offenders directed to the DRC go through a multi-phase program that includes regular reporting to the center, intensive treatment and training, and ongoing testing for drug and alcohol use.

The hope is that by completing the program, probationers will stay out of jail. The recidivism rate stands at 70 percent, said Kern County Chief Probation Officer David Kuge. “These individuals have put in a lot of work so they can be successful,” said Steve Farugie, DRC Program Manager.