Louisville-Jefferson County Reentry Service Center Reentry Program celebrates 10 years

LOUISVILLE, KY —The Louisville Reentry Service Center, which provides treatment, training and links to local resources to probationers released to community supervision, is celebrating 10 years serving the local community. The program is funded by the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government and has been operated by GEO Reentry Services since it opened in 2011.

The goal of the program remains the same as when it opened: to reduce jail crowding by targeting behavior change for individuals who often fail conditions of release and return to incarceration at great expense to taxpayers. Implementing the reentry service program followed one of the recommendations of the Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission to develop more cost-effective alternatives to incarceration that can assist with reducing recidivism.

To successfully complete the program, participants complete evidence-based programming to address criminogenic needs identified through an objective assessment when entering the program. Through group and individual sessions, the center delivers cognitive behavioral therapy to change criminal behavior, life skills training, job readiness and employment assistance, family services, and links to potential employers and valuable local resources, such as housing, medical and substance abuse treatment providers. 

In a 2019 study, 201 participants were served at the center. As a result, almost 15,000 days in jail were saved, a cost avoidance of $820,000. In addition, the risk level of participants was reduced 49%, according to risk factors measured when a person enters the program and when they exit it. In addition, during this time the center dramatically increased the likelihood a participant was in school or employed by the time they finished the program. The center supervises an average of 70 participants daily.

For more information about the Louisville Reentry Service Center, contact Program Manager Chris West at 502-574-7476.