Luzerne County working to help ex-offenders find employment

Recently, the Luzerne County Reentry Committee hosted an Employment Expo for ex-offenders wanting to reenter the workforce in Pennsylvania. The expo was open to participants of the Luzerne County Day Reporting Center, run by GEO Reentry Services, as well as participants of the county’s Work Release program, Court Advocate Program, and other county supervision programs.

As noted in an article on the expo by the Times Leader, one of the barriers to reentry for many ex-inmates and offenders is the dearth of employment options, and without those options and a steady income many individuals remain at risk of re-offending.

For some ex-offenders, there is also a lack of knowledge about how to interview and write a resume, further limiting their chances for finding employment.

Under the direction of GEO Reentry Services, participants of the Luzerne County Day Reporting Center are required to take life skills classes, along with behavioral therapy and other evidence-based programming, that teach the kind of skills participants need for successful reentry, including classes on gaining employment.

Having the right tools for reentry is integral in the success of ex-offenders. Employment fairs, reentry programming and criminal justice programs that help offenders stay on the right track are a great way to help reduce recidivism and help offenders become productive members of their communities.