Lycoming County Reentry Service Center is beneficial to county

A recent Williamsport Sun-Gazette editorial offers praise to the Lycoming County Reentry Service Center, run by GEO Reentry Services, stating that the center, which opened in fall 2014, is showing hopeful signs in its first year.

The center was opened to combat chronic recidivism while helping to alleviate overcrowding in the county prison. Participants who report to the center undergo intensive treatment and training, as well as ongoing drug and alcohol testing to enforce sobriety. The combination of evidence-based treatment and programming is designed to help participants become law-abiding and productive members of their communities.

As the editorial notes, the center supervised 187 participants in its first six months and, in May, celebrated its first graduation ceremony, or transition celebration, since opening. The editorial also notes that at the end of March, 46 of 89—or 52 percent—of participants, had gained employment, a key goal of the center.

Often, the lack of employment opportunities for individuals with criminal records can be a barrier to reentry, which is why GEO Reentry places an important emphasis on participants finding employment or returning to school. Providing community connections, as well as training related to interviewing and writing a resume, is a key part of our programming.

Enforcing sobriety is another important part of our programming, as drug and alcohol abuse play huge roles in criminal behavior. Together with intensive behavioral therapy, which challenges participants to confront their criminal tendencies, our programming works to empower participants to change for the better. Learn more about our approach here.