Madera County expands day reporting program for probationers

Just one year after opening the Madera County Core Day Reporting Program, officials there are expanding the program. The expansion will bring the number of probation participants served in the program to 50, up from 30.

The Madera Probation Department’s Adult Services Division oversees the program and BI operates it. BI has a long-standing relationship with the county and has provided electronic monitoring equipment and related services for several years.

Encouraged by the success of the Core program in its first year, county officials approved the expansion on July 26. In addition to an increase in the number of probation participants served in the program, the expansion will also increase the number of classes and staff. Participants attend the program for up to 180 days, and failure to comply with program guidelines results in increased sanctions, including restricted curfews, additional classes, more reporting, house arrest or re-incarceration.

The program is funded by the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Other funding for the program comes from the California Community Corrections Performance Incentives Act. The program uses Moral Reconation Therapy and offers substance abuse classes, employment training and access to other community resources. It’s open five days a week.