Napa County wins state award for probationer program

The California State Association of Counties awarded its prestigious Merit Award to Napa County in recognition of the county’s Adult Correctional System Master Plan. Designed with input from local law enforcement, judges and corrections officials, the plan created a better system for county officials to supervise and rehabilitate criminal offenders. The plan relies heavily on the Community Corrections Service Center and a Jail Employment Education Program, managed by BI. This program is also known as JEEP.

About 9% of the men housed in the Napa County jail participate in JEEP. The program combines intensive case management with group classes and computer-based skills training to prepare individuals for employment upon release. Mock interviews, resume preparation, business etiquette, problem-solving, and computer-skills building are all key components of the program. For the county, the program serves as a link to a more comprehensive day reporting program the county offers in the community.

To learn more about Napa County’s employment program, read a recent article in the Napa Valley Register.