New report indicates GEO Reentry service centers help curb recidivism in Illinois

A new study released by GEO Reentry Services indicates that, for Illinois parolees, reentry service centers (RSCs) are more effective at reducing recidivism than traditional parole supervision.

The study, titled “Programming that Reduces Recidivism: The Positive Impact of Reentry Service Centers in Illinois,” was completed with the cooperation of the Illinois Department of Corrections and examined recidivism rates for state parolees who successfully completed programs at one of six RSCs in Illinois, over an average length of 170 days. The six Illinois Reentry Service Centers (RSC) are located in Chatham, Chicago Heights, Decatur, East St. Louis, Rockford and West Fulton.

The control group consisted of state parolees who were managed post-release by the Illinois Department of Corrections using a traditional parole supervision program and did not complete programming at an RSC.

In the course of the study, GEO Reentry’s research department analyzed parolee data for individuals discharged during 2013 and tracked through 2016. The final report shows that, over three years, the return rates for new crimes and technical parole violations was 50% lower for RSC participants compared to the control group.

The report also revealed that both male and female RSC participants experienced significantly lower levels of recidivism than the control group. In addition, the control group had a higher recidivism percentage during the first year than the RSC group had for all three years.

GEO Reentry’s treatment relies on evidence-based programming delivered in group and individual sessions. The GEO Reentry treatment model includes Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT), substance abuse treatment, Moral Reconation Therapy® (MRT), anger management skills and employment readiness.

View the study’s results here.

New report indicates GEO Reentry service centers help curb recidivism in Illinois