New York’s Work for Success program pairs former offenders with employers

BI Incorporated implements county employment programs nationwide to assist offenders upon their release from incarceration. In fact, BI staff delivers employment services training both inside a jail setting (BI JEEP Program) as well as part of day reporting treatment and training programs.

The benefits are clear; those who are gainfully employed and supporting themselves and their family are less likely to return to crime in order to survive. While employment is just one piece to reducing recidivism, it’s an important one.

We are pleased to see officials in New York implementing a job initiative aimed at reducing the high unemployment rate among formerly incarcerated men and women. The program, called Work for Success, partners with non-profits and community-based organizations to match qualified and appropriately trained individuals with open jobs. Businesses save on training and recruitment costs, as the program does not charge employers for referrals.

Businesses are also eligible to receive up to $2,400 in federal tax credits for each person hired through the program. The program also provides free human resources services and pre-screening of all applicants. It’s good to see valuable initiatives like this, aimed at reintegrating incarcerated individuals back into the community as contributing, stable members.