Pennsylvania DOC working to connect individuals with reentry services

As a part of Pennsylvania’s initiative to reform the state’s criminal justice system, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has launched an interactive map designed to connect individuals with the state’s reentry services.

The map allows users to search for resources in their area, with PDOC officials hoping the ease of access helps to reduce recidivism while enhancing public safety.

In an article for the Council of State Governments’ Justice Center, linked above, a PDOC official is quoted as saying, ““There is no silver bullet to tackling and reducing recidivism, but we believe that if people find it easier to get plugged into services, their service needs will be addressed, and it will help reduce recidivism.”

GEO Reentry works with several counties in Pennsylvania to provide evidence-based reentry programming that requires participants to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy targeting the roots of criminal behavior. Participants are also required to take life skills courses, including job training, GED or college prep, parenting classes and anger management.

GEO Reentry provides reentry programming in Allentown, Chambersburg, Ebensburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wilkes-Barre and York.

To read more about GEO Reentry’s approach, click here.