GEO Reentry Services selected to deliver reentry programming in Clark County Detention Center

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GEO Reentry Services selected to deliver reentry programming in Clark County Detention Center

LAS VEGAS, NEV. To help prepare inmates for successful reentry back to the community, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has selected GEO Reentry Services through a competitive procurement process to operate a reentry program in the Clark County Detention Center for inmates nearing the end of their time incarcerated. The center opened in September, and it serves up to 40 inmates every three months before they are released to community supervision.

The Clark County Detention Center reentry program delivers the following services:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a curriculum designed to change criminal thinking and behavior
  • Drug and Alcohol services, including groups to help inmates stay drug and alcohol free upon release
  • Educational and Vocational services, including connections to local employment and school opportunities as well as strategies for gaining work or enrolling in school programs
  • Family Reunification and Victim Education classes to help stabilize inmates upon return home
  • Community Connections program, including links to supportive services for housing, medical services or additional counseling

The LVMPD carefully screens inmates for the reentry program. GEO Reentry assesses inmates risks and needs before developing an individual behavior change plan. Inmates move through phases of treatment and training based on performance and attitude. The program operates within the detention center, located at 330 S. Casino Center Boulevard. GEO Reentry has employed and trained several experienced staff to work with the inmates, including many staff who are from the local area.

GEO Reentry Services operates evidence-based in-custody treatment and training programs for correctional departments in many jurisdictions, with a goal of preparing individuals for successful reentry and reduced recidivism.