Richmond Day Reporting Center serves as a jail alternative

The Richmond Day Reporting Center, operated by GEO Reentry Services, recently honored 21 men and women as part of a transition celebration marking their completion of the intensive reentry program.

The DRC, which opened in 2014, offers evidence-based programming designed to successfully prepare probationers for a successful reentry into society and includes behavioral therapy, life skills classes and drug and alcohol treatment.

8News attended the celebration, speaking with several of the participants who graduated. One graduate, Lincoln Whitaker, told 8News that, “I learned in the program that I need to change my negative thinking. I learned that I can’t change things that I have no control over… I have to let that go and that was the biggest thing for me.”

The center provides treatment and training designed to reduce recidivism and empower former offenders to take charge of their lives. Program Manager Stephanie Saucier told 8News, “What we are trying to do is get at their criminal thinking, criminal personality. Have them go through different steps to address loyalty, honesty, acceptance.”

The center complements the city’s 1,032-bed jail, which opened in July 2014.

The alternative sentencing program was lauded by Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody who told 8News, “I think it is a great way to actually help citizens realize their problems and keep them from coming back [to jail].”