Save the date! Upcoming GEO workshop at APPA conference

Mark your calendars for an upcoming workshop sponsored by GEO Reentry and its parent GEO Community Services.  The 90-minute workshop, “Using technology to implement cognitive behavioral treatment with offenders,” will be held on Monday, July 29 and Tuesday, July 30 at the American Probation and Parole Association’s 38th Annual Training Institute in Baltimore.

Geared toward professionals in the corrections field, this workshop will cover technology designed to be used with cognitive behavioral programs—programs that aim to change criminal behavior by addressing destructive behaviors and addiction, teaching job skills and raising victim awareness. Using this technology, which includes online curriculum and software programs, can help offenders in cognitive behavioral programs smoothly and successfully transition from supervision to self-reliance. The technology discussed in this workshop can be used either by incarcerated offenders or offenders living in transitional housing.

Attendees will learn about the different technology options available; the philosophy behind their design; how staff or offenders use this technology; and how it can be successfully implemented into cognitive behavioral programs in a cost-effective way.

Presenters include Kathy Prizmich and Matt Moore of GEO Community Services; Fred Zackon, an addiction rehabilitation program consultant; and Mike Judnick of The Change Companies—a national publishing, consulting, training and media company servicing the criminal justice field.