community supervision

July 23, 2013

GEO Reentry leads successful alcohol monitoring workshop at NADCP conference

Earlier this month, GEO Reentry led the workshop “An Introduction to Alcohol Monitoring Testing Technologies” at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals’ 19th Annual Training Conference. The workshop was designed for agencies considering an alcohol monitoring program. It had an excellent turnout and was well-received by attendees. The workshop was […]
July 16, 2013

For AB 109, California judges favor split sentencing

Recently, California Forward’s Partnership for Community Excellence—an organization that supports California counties in implementing AB 109 Public Safety Realignment—met with criminal justice leaders for a roundtable discussion on split sentencing. Attendees unanimously agreed split sentencing is a helpful corrections tool that should be more widely utilized. Split sentencing, which was introduced by […]
May 23, 2013

AB109 spurs smart justice in California

Assembly Bill 109 caused a significant stir in California. Counties in CA faced a slew of new responsibilities, including managing a population of offenders they had never seen before. Since the change caused by AB109 in 2011, counties have used a variety of methods for dealing with these changes, with […]
May 16, 2013

States reduce corrections costs with justice reinvestment

The Council of State Governments Justice Center recently released a report describing how 17 states have effectively reduced recidivism and corrections costs through justice reinvestment strategies. Justice reinvestment relies on a comprehensive analysis of criminal justice data and research to develop the most effective corrections policies. The report highlights six […]