Tulare County Partners with GEO Reentry to Open Innovative Reentry Center

The Adult Division of the Tulare County Probation Department and GEO Reentry Services have opened an innovative reentry program to reduce recidivism and prepare individuals on probation for success in the community. Called the Tulare County Supervised Opportunity and Resource Team (SORT), the program will provide services for up to 500 individuals on probation at one time and 2,000 annually.

The Probation Department refers individuals to SORT, where GEO Reentry staff assesses them for treatment and training to match the risks and needs of the person. At the center, GEO Reentry offers three service levels, including:

  • Community Navigation Services, which are designed to identify, address, and resolve any essential needs that are a barrier to a positive lifestyle.
  • Targeted Interventions, which address one or two areas participants may need assistance with to live a law-abiding lifestyle.
  • Comprehensive Services, which includesa full menu of services that help identify multiple key life areas participants may need assistance with, including daily supervision coupled with intensive programming.

Specific treatment and training services include cognitive behavioral treatment, substance use disorder treatment, anger management classes, educational and employment services, life skills, and services designed for individuals affected by trauma.

Housed near the Tulare County Probation Department’s Adult Division, SORT allows for close collaboration between GEO Reentry and the agency as well as simplifies conditions of release for participants. It is also located near public transportation, making it easier for participants to access the program.

Program participants receive ongoing cognitive behavioral treatment to help break cycles of criminal behavior, placement in services is driven by the participants life situation and immediate needs. The innovative SORT model ensures participants receive the right amount of service needed for their short- and long-term success. Additionally, GEO Reentry delivers a program called Community Connections, which links program participants to valuable local resources for housing, health services, and additional counseling services.

GEO Reentry has worked with Tulare County for more than 20 years, originally offering electronic monitoring services through BI Incorporated before opening a program more recently to deliver cognitive behavioral treatment.